Welcome to the 100th Generation Tryouts.
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From left to right: Minami Minegishi the 6th, Mika Komori the 7th, Tomomi Itano the 12th, Mayu Watanabe the 4th, Moeno Nito the 8th, Haruna Kojima the 9th, Sayaka Akimoto the 11th, Mariko Shinoda the 8th, and Miori Ichikawa the 5th.

You can become an AKB0048 idol!

We'll test your skills and if you pass, you can choose to become one of your favorite idols!

Please send your audition video to our website!

And if you are on a planet under the Entertainment Ban, make sure your video is encrypted!

This is Center Nova Moeno Nito the 8th!

Good luck!

Users, this is how you sign up.

First, some won't make it, some will.

You can send up to 10 audtionees.

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Here's an example. (She's in the 99th Generation)

Name: Gina Stalid
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Homeworld: Tundrastar

Age: 14

Personality: Bubbly, cheery.

History: Gina had a dreary life on Tundrastar until she found AKB0048. She quickly got addicted and kept on listening to 00 videos. She has a penpal on Yukinastar who tells her how it is like to not be living under the entertainment ban. When she found out about the auditions, she desperately did it and passed.

Successor Name favored: Rie Kitahara

Appearance: She has red fluffy hair that extends to her shoulder. She also wears a black ribbon on her hair.

100th Generation AuditionersEdit

Name: Rin Tachibana

Homeworld: Kaystar, a planet made of basic metals and rock, with volcanoes everywhere always erupting. Not under entertainment ban.

Age: 13

Personality: Intelligent, quite, and short tempered.

History: After having her father killed when she was four, Rins mother committed suicide. She was then taken in by her heartless, mean, aunt. Around the age of 9 she ran away from home with her friends to watch a AKB0048 concert. After watching the concert she begain singing and dancing to the songs. Not long later Rins aunt died from illness, and she was once again all alone. With no more family left she became anti-social.

Successor Name Favored: Akira Igarashi

Appearance: Rin has long red and black hair that covers her face, a scar below her right eye, and is always wearing a male school uniform.

Name: Aria Madora


Aria Madora

Homeworld: Yukinastar, a planet with a surface mainly made of ice, yet average temperatures and a snowy climate. Not under the entertainement ban.

Age: 15

Personality: Delicate, gentle, intelligent, kind

History: Aria lived a relatively privaleged life on Yukinastar and had loved singing from an early age. She had a penpal living on Tundrastar who told her about the terrible conditions, which fuelled Aria's ambitions to join AKB0048 and save those less fortunate than her.

Successor Name favored: Rina Chikano

Appearance: Aria has long, silvery-purple hair and wears practical yet attractive clothing with a large silver ribbon in her hair.

Name: Sakura Yukiga
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Homeworld: Kingastar, a planet made mostly out of stone. Almost no plants there, and smoke covers the whole atmosphere. The planet is fully under the entertainment ban, since it is the headquarters of DES, and the tide is currently under the favor of DES. If AKB0048 were to perform there, they would be pulverized right away.

Age: 13

Personality: Shy, and quiet.

History: Sakura has lived a dreary life on Kingastar. She had to work in the factories to make DES machines, and her dad is in the DES. When she was flipping through some books, she discovered 00. She decided to research in secret, and she found out about 00. She idolizes Tomomi Kasai, but she auditioned in secret. She passed, and she decided to use a DES machine to get to the auditions.

Succesor Name favored: Tomomi Kasai

Appearance: Blue pigtails with gold eyes. She also usually wears drabby clothes, but she saves her special clothes for any special things, that rarely appear.

Marina Kasugawa (My OC)

Marina Kusugawa

Marina Kusugawa

Homeworld: Meidostar, a planet where all place is in red flame. The place is really hot and no one can surpass the place.

Age: 14

Personality: Energic, intellegent and quiet kind

History: Marina is lived at Meidostar since her child. Her real homeworld is Lancastar, but moved to another planet due to her healthy. She likes 00 since her child and always watch their concert. Marina's father is president of DES, made her must secretly to joined concert secretly. Marina known about the past generation and her idol is 5th Takahashi Minami. She secretly entered the audition and pass the final round.

Successor Name favored: Takahashi Minami

Appearance: She had a red hair, her pony is centered. She often wear a red-white princess cloth with brown-shoes.

Name: Misuzu Amayane

Homeworld: Lancastar

Age: 14

Misuzu Amayane (Other Design)

<p style="margin:12pt0in;line-height:15.75pt;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;">Personality: Dead-panned, monotonous, fast-thinker, witty, yandere, with a conflicting two-sided personality. She has a large amount of stamina for training and battles, but also eats alot. </p>

<p style="margin:12pt0in;line-height:15.75pt;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;">History: Misuzu had a boring and dull past, not the tragic-filled sob story you'd expect from a resident on a entertainment-banned planet. She was born and raised as a normal girl, having no idol-potential what-so-ever, but was rather good in academics. But after seeing AKB0048 taking out the DES at a concert, she was awed, and really wanted to fight and control one of the Mobile Suits or the microphones. But as she applied, she got more and more interested in the actual performing as well. </p>

<p style="margin:12pt0in;line-height:15.75pt;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;">Successor Name favored: Mayu Watanabe </p>

<p style="margin:12pt0in;line-height:15.75pt;background-position:initialinitial;background-repeat:initialinitial;">Appearance: She has the body structure of a nine year old, and very pale skin. She has wavy white hair and red eyes. She likes simple and plain clothes, and doesn't like to wear shoes (So the bottoms of her feet are really sturdy). But she will change for performances.</p>

Name: Misa Shimizu

Homeworld: Nikkoustar- A sunny planet under the entertainment ban.

Misa Shimizu

Age: 13

Personality: Outgoing, cheerful, occasionally serious, smart

History: Misa was born in a small village on Nikkoustar, and was very bored on the planet. No entertainment for a child made everyone bored and snappy around them. So Misa decided to join AKB0048 to get away from it all and get her planet out of he ban, along with her weasel Yotsuba.

Successor Name favored: Sayaka Akimoto 

Appearance: Misa has long green hair always in loose pigtails, and blue eyes. She has her little weasel Yotsuba usually on her head, as he gets tired a lot. Her normal clothing consists of usually a black t-shirt and blue vest, leggings, and blue sneakers.

(I didn't really like my old person so scrapped them and made a new one)

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<p style="margin-top:1em;margin-bottom:1em;">Name: Fuyuki Hatsune
Fuyuki Hatsune

Fuyuki Hatsune by Maria Nicole Guevara


Homeworld: Solastar, it's a usually sunny and warm place where the people usually go outside to the beaches there. It's not under the entertainment ban since almost all of the population there are AKB0048 fans. Solastar is known for its heat and summer cool beaches.

Age: 13

Personality: She's cheerful and usually the happy-go-lucky girl. But she mostly likes to act mature in front of the successors and older understudies. But she's warm, kind and nice inside. She's overprotective to her fellow understudies especially when they encounter DES. She is very loyal and friendly to those around her. She is mostly shown looking at Acchan pictures and watching video concerts in her room back at Solastar.

History: She had once heard of AKB0048 from her mother- who was a big fan of AKB0048 during the time when she was young. Her father was abusive to his wife and especially when she makes the slightest mistakes- causing  Hatsune to immediately grow a profound hatred for him. Her father works secretly as a DES soldier who pilots one of the airships- so he was mostly gone on work and business trips, which relieves Hatsune's mother and Hatsune. But one day, he father got so angry when he overheard her mother talking about AKB0048 and had brutally beaten her to near death. She was confined to the hospital the next day and her father was arrested and was sentenced to a long period of time to prison. For the fact that she had loved her mother so much, she decided to anger for father- in return for angering her. So, she decided to join AKB0048 (her father's a DES soldier and he hates AKB0048, that's how Hatsune will anger him)

Successor Name favored: Atsuko Maeda

Appearance: She has a short brown spikey bob cut which she prefers to have a big yellow ribbon behind it due to the fact that her mother favors Takamina over the rest. She frequently wears alchemy-like outfits (mostly her original black one as shown in the picture) and black boots. Her skin is peachy and she has bright blue eyes. 

Name you would like to go under: Hacchan/Fuyuchan

Name: Yuikno Shinovi

Homeworld: Eurostar

Yukino Shinovi

Age: 15

Personality: Outgoing. Blunt. Loud. Playful.

History: Growing up on Eurostar, Yukino had a pretty nice life. Not to the point of being rich, but she grew up in a middle class family. Living on such a green and hill sided planet, Yukino felt like she had it all. Growing up, Yukino had become a fan of AKB through their televised concerts and when she attended one herself. She wasn't the best a singing, but she practiced and practiced. She wanted to be part of the group that would go against laws to sing for those fans that had the Entertainment Ban.

Successor Name favored: Yui Yokoyama

Appearance: Soft blue hair that comes to a low, side braid. Purple eyes. She likes to wear soft colors but also adds a dark piece of clothing to make her outfits pop.

Name you would like to go under: Yuchan/Shinchan/NoviNovi

Name: Mizuki
Mizuki Takashi

Mizuki Takashi


Homeworld: Akibastar

Age: 13

Personality: Mizuki is shy, but can speak her mind if she have to. She is caring, loves to help other people as long as she's not being a bother. Mizuki can be some sort of doormat, and does usually let others stomp all over her.

History: Mizuki was born on Himlastar, a planet many lightyears away form Akibastar, which is under the entertainment ban. When she turned 1 her parents decided that they wanted to try to live outside the et ban, and they moved to Akibastar, where they have lived since. Because of growing up at the heart of 00, Mizuki is a life-long AKB-fan. She knew as soon as she turned 13, and the auditions would open up, she would apply for joining AKB0048.

Mizuki's favourite successor in all of AKB's history is Atsuko Maeda the 14, whom she came to love (as a fan) during the fight to take back Akibastar, when she stood up against the audience and calmed them, and received the name of Maeda Atsuko.

Successor Name favored: Atsuko Maeda/Iwata Karen

Appearance: Mizuki has hot pink eyes, and soft, cherry-blossomcoloured hair. Her hair in partly braided on both sides off her head, and her hair reachers her knees. She likes white, pink and black, and is therefore usually seen in something like that. She likes dresses a lot as well.

Name you would like to go under: MiMi, Micchan, Zukichan(, Moon)

Name: Ito Kogomura

Homeworld: Akibastar

Age: 15


Ito Kogomura

Personality: Determinded, mature, energetic but a bit withheld. 

History: Ito grew up happy on Akibastar, always listening to AKB, singing along with them when they were on the television. She had always wanted to go see a live concert, but the 

night she was finally going to go on her 9th birthday, she and her parents got into an accident. She was in a coma for 2 years and when she woke up, she was devestaed to hear that her parents didn't make it. She withdrew from her friends and stopped listening to music, just focusing on her school work. At a school competion, Ito got first place with the reward of two AKB concert tickets. She invited one of her friends, and they went as Ito's inner child demanded it. She was 13 when she attended the concert, and it was the happiest night of her life. At the concert, she realized she didn't want to be in the crowd with the smiling fans-she wanted to be on stage, being the one to make everyone happy with her music. Ito practiced hard, and 2 weeks after her 15th birthday, she applied for an AKB tryout. 

Appearance: Ito has bright purple eyes that always have a curious look in them, along with shirt black edgy hair. Her skin is pale, and her clothing style is a bit on the 'punk' side, but she loves all clothing. 

Name you would like to go under: Ito, Ito-chan

Name: Kyoko Soumini

Homeworld: Umistar- a planet that is 98% ocean. Although the population of the planet is small, due to its massive fish industry it is currently under the entertainment ban.

Age: 15


Kyoko Soumini

Personality: Kyoko always says what she is thinking no matter what situation she is in. She is very nurturing and hates to see people upset. She thinks she's funny but her jokes often fall flat.

History: She is from a prominent family on Umistar who are the epicenter of all fish related business on the planet. Her parents support the entertainment ban and thus it was hard for Kyoko to be able to admire her idols (AKB0048). When she was 8 the daughter of her family chef took her to see an illegal AKB0048 concert. While there DES showed up and started shooting randomly. Kyoko was almost shot but Takamina saved her. Ever since then Kyoko has been determined to join AKB. She finally had enough guts to apply when she turned 15 and will do anything to join. Even if that means leaving her family and life of luxury to pursue that dream.

Successor Name Favored: Takahashi Minami

Appearance: She has long, white hair pulled back in a ponytail and wears a ribbon she got as a child, blue eyes, and pale skin. She is usually seen wearing a skirt because growing up that was all her parents would let her wear.

Name You Would Like To Go Under: Kyochan/ Kyochi / Kyoko

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 10.48.19 PM

Name: Miyuki Himeragi

Homeworld: Nambastar (Forgive Me). A planet known for it's comedy and entertainment. Not under the entertainment ban.

Age: 15

Personality: She's a funny girl. She's very charismatic and determined. She acts happy go lucky but she tends to over analyze things and is always thinking of the worst possible outcomes. The other members also think that she's annoying but will lighten everyone's mood with her comedy acts that can succed or fail. She's also very unladylike and can be clueless at time.

History: Growing up in Nambastar, Miyuki was introduced to the entertainment industry at an early age. She joined her parents in a comedy show not long after she turned 5. Growing up she realized she wanted to sing and dance instead of doing comedy so she aimed to become the number #1 idol in the universe. She tried launching her career on her own but everyone always looked at AKB0048. She wanted to become like AKB0048 and became researching. From that day on all she talked about was AKB0048. Her friends said that she would become Takamina but she thought that she would succeed someone like Aanya instead. After growing even fonder with the group, she moved to Akibastar to audition for the group.

Successor Name Favored: Murashige Anna (HKT48 & NMB48 Kennin)

Appearance: Long pale pink hair with waves going down from her bangs. Light brown eyes with hint of mischievousness. Usually wears very fashionable clothing. 

Nickname: Himechi/Hime/Miyuki/Mirukii (Yes I do realize Mirukii is a real nickname belonging to Watanabe Miyuki of NMB.) 

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 5.21.48 PM

 Name: Sayuri Hoshibana 

Homeworld: Cantrastar, a desolate planet covered in an icy winter. There is a full entertainment ban.

Age: 15

Personality: Quiet, reserved, thoughtful, scatterbrained. She is good at taking care of children, and caring for others. She finds it hard to open up to others, even to her friends. Not a lot of things scare her, and she will do whatever it takes to follow her dream, as long as it's not hurting others. She is quietly determined, and will do her best at what she loves.

History: Sayuri has lived her whole life on Cantrastar, a planet full of snow. Sayuri's parents work for the Cantrastar chapter of Zodiac, and her father is the Communications Director. Sayuri has two younger siblings that she often takes care of because her parents are busy. When she was 13, she happened to glimpse a short video showing an attack on an AKB0048 concert on Lancastar. She was mamazed, but she knew that if she told anyone that she supported them, she would be in trouble, and her family would suffer for it. Sayuri began to realize that before she saw that video, she had never felt truly happy. It was AKB that had shown her what entertainment was really like. Sayuri wanted others to feel the way she did after seeing them, so when she was fifteen, she auditioned.

Successor Name favored: Maeda Atsuko/Kashiwaga Yuki/Takahashi Minami

Appearance: Sayuri has long purple/black hair that reaches to her knees, with a bit pulled into a ponytail on the side. She has mostly warm clothes, as Cantrastar is always cold. Because she sometimes had to appear at Zodiac events, her clothes are pretty nice, but she would like clothes more appropriate to the Akibastar climate.

Name you would like to go under: Sayuri/Sa-chan/Sayuri-chan/Sayurin